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Forum targets:


*Identify ideas and technological entrepreneurship of young Jews in Latin America in order to help develop them in Israel, creating the right conditions for this to happen and thus to further enhance the status of Israel as the "Startup Nation", as well as promoting cooperation between the regions in the fields of research and technological development.


*Developing connections between different governments to promote diplomatic activity between Israel and the Latin American countries, Spain and Portugal.


*To create a strong relationship with the Jewish community in the diaspora, especially with those who are motivated to enhance the image of the State of Israel in the eyes of the media and other political organizations.


*Support fully diplomatic meetings with the different delegation

*Provide a training platform for workshops, and offer the necessary tools to those organizations abroad.


*Be the connection between those organizations and governmental factors who will inform and provide the diplomatic agenda with issues related to current events, for the diaspora representatives that will enhance their business.

*Find solutions to diplomatic problems that have not been resolved yet.

* Project: “Leaders of the future”

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